Newborn puppies cuddle together after being dumped on doorstep and left to die

As the rising cost of living puts immense financial pressures on households across the UK, a record number of pets are being abandoned on the streets and in rescue centres. According to the RSPCA, the number of animals being dumped is rapidly rising with a 17 percent increase from 2020 to 2021 and a 24 percent increase in 2022.

The animal charity’s frontline team discovered five newborn puppies left to die on a front doorstep in Morden, South London, on Sunday. Heartbreaking photos show the young litter huddling together in a blanket to keep warm. It is estimated three of the dogs are around five weeks old, and the littlest two pups just days old.

The RSPCA tweeted on September 25: “These poor pups were dumped on a doorstep in Morden. There are two that are now being hand reared and three that are older at around five to six weeks so weaned but rather scabby.”

The frontline team informed followers that the adorable golden dogs aren’t ready to be rehomed yet, as “they will need to be looked after for quite some time”.

Once they are healthy and strong, they will be posted on the RSPCA rehoming website with the hopes of being quickly adopted by loving familes.

It comes days after five newborn puppies with umbilical cords still attached were abandoned in the woods in Sheffield.

They were only hours old and “extremely vulnerable”, but thankfully received emergency round-the-clock care.

The animal welfare charity fears that a huge rise in pet ownership during the pandemic coupled with the cost of living crisis putting a strain on people’s finances means even more animals are being given up this year.

Last year, dogs were the most abandoned pet with 14,462 reports of dumped dogs made to the RSPCA.

Deputy chief inspector, Sara Jordan, said: “Times are tough at the moment and we understand that many families are struggling to cope, particularly given the rising cost of living, and we fear that we’ll see many, many more pets being relinquished to charities or abandoned because their owners simply don’t know where to turn.

“But abandoning tiny puppies like this is so irresponsible and cruel. Please, please never abandon your pet but ask for help before things get so desperate.”