About J.J. Hebert

About me

J. J. Hebert is a writer. Surprising, huh? He has written fifty-two novels, including the immensely successful, award-winning Willard’s Heart. J. J.’s also an archaeologist, and he recently unearthed an ancient religious scroll in Jerusalem that, in time, will prove absolutely nothing about anything important. He presently resides in Yemen, where he enjoys being the richest man in the land.

Of course, the aforementioned isn’t true (except for the “J. J. Hebert is a writer” part), but you found it entertaining, right? Perhaps just a little funny?

Honestly: J. J. Hebert has written two novels and a picture book. Unconventional, his second novel, will be published by Mindstir Media in 2009. J. J. is also the creator and moderator of the Worldwide Fiction Writer’s Group, a place where published and unpublished authors—and editors, literary agents, and publishers—converse freely about the writing process and beyond. Currently, he lives alone in New England, home to some of the greatest sports teams in the world (for now), where he’s at work on his third novel, Saving Dad.